The Toltec

Warrior Amulet


Carry the Wisdom and Power of the Toltecs with you at all times!


Main attributes of the Warrior Amulet: Action, Balance, Compassion, Concentration, Integrity, Intention, Knowledge, Magic, Presence, Strength, Divine Will and Wisdom.

This Toltec Warrior Amulet grew out of the work of Toltec Shaman Golden Eagle, resident shaman of the Institute of Toltec Shamanic Arts, as part of his work to assist students in gaining a mastery of the Mind of the Warrior.  This Amulet carries the energy of the traditional Warrior’s Mind, as captured through such works as A Book of 5 Rings, by Miyamoto Musashi, and The Art of War, by Sun Tzu.

The Warrior Amulet can be of benefit for anyone needing to set boundaries in their lives.  It will be helpful to anyone training in any martial art.  It will benefit anyone who considers themselves to be a spiritual warrior, in any tradition.  It works by resonance whenever it is worn, and the effects  are cumulative.  

The Amulet was especially created for those working in the Toltec tradition.  The Toltec Warrior chooses to balance their three core Natures: The Dreamer, the Stalker, and the Warrior. This Amulet has been created to upgrade the skills as a Warrior.  The Mind of the Warrior includes the ability to prepare for and then take appropriate action at the appropriate time, including combat on the Higher Planes.  In non Toltec ways it roughly corresponds to the ability of true authentic agency to be and act in this reality and the unseen world. For this, all 3 aspects within Self need to be developed, the mind, the heart and will, in the ground of spirit, or essence.  The Warrior Amulet can be an incredible assist for today’s situation on this planet.  Divinely aligned and competent action are much needed qualities in the world today.  The Warrior Amulet is not only useful to those working in the Toltec tradition but also all Action.

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The price for individual amulets is $325. 

Discounts are available for multiple orders.  

The Warrior Amulet is based on Crystal Quantum Radio Technology developed by the otherworldly physics & technology master and shaman E.J. Gold.  The Warrior Amulet is part of the Brane Power series of crystal quantum technologies.  For more information on the full line of Crystal Quantum Radio technologies, visit their website: 


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