Golden Eagle Discourses

Golden Eagle presents the Toltec Teachings most Mondays, at 7pm Pacific Time, on our Youtube Channel.  Tune in by clicking the link below.   New to Youtube broadcasts?  Instructions are listed below.

The Humanity Experience

October, 2019 through early December, 2019, Golden Eagle presented a series of discussions exploring the human condition.  Who we humans are, and what we are here for.  Where is here?  Why Earth?  What should you be doing with all this information?

The Warrior Mind Playlist

Evaluation of the mindset required to be effective as a Toltec Warrior

In Quest of Self Playlist

Exploration of the map of human and divine consciousness known as the Tree of Life.

Youtube Channel Instructions

When you go to the youtube page, you should see a screenshot image with the word LIVE in red letters. Click the screenshot or the word "LIVE" and your screen should refresh and show the live feed.  If you don't see the red LIVE, it means we haven't started the broadcast yet.  You may need to refresh your screen every minute or two to get the LIVE image to appear - some browser/computer platform combinations do not automatically update when the feed does go live, and you could sit there forever and never get the LIVE status to appear.  Refreshing your screen usually solves that.


Please LIKE our channel.  We get better search engine placement the more people LIKE us.  ALSO, if you would like to participate in the live chat discussion, you will need to log in via a Google account or Youtube account (either is free).  Thanks very much and enjoy the Discussions.