What Are You Seeking? 

You exist for more important reasons than to struggle home from a job you don’t like through “rush” hour traffic, to watch sitcoms, drink beer, fight with your spouse and ignore your children, then repeat the process the next day.  Yet, this is daily life for a huge portion of humanity, who never question why they think this is normal.  Human nature must be understood in order to rise out of this quagmire that we as a society have been deliberately programmed to accept.  We are NOT physical beings attempting to have a spiritual experience, to find out if there really is a spiritual side of the universe.  Instead, we are SPIRITUAL beings, here to have a Physical experience, and accomplish things that can only be done here in the physical world.

Just like walking around a sculpture and looking at it from another angle, this key difference in point of view can reveal the truth of many things.  It can tell you that those subtle urgings you have felt all your life – that you are destined for greatness, that there is something important, very important, you need to do – that these feelings and sensations are true.  These are memories of your True Will, your Divine Destiny, your Dharma.  When you accept this reality and adopt a life dedicated to accomplishing your True Purpose, everything else will begin to take on its true state of unimportance.  This is the moment you truly begin to live.  This is when you enter the flow of Destiny.  This is when you start to wake up – to your true identity and your true potential.