Reviews of 

The Handbook for the Recently Incarnated

From the famous physics-music-art Shaman  

EJ Gold:

"Absolutely brilliant. It should be on the virtual and actual bookshelves of every education system on the planet."

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From the Toltec Shaman and Nauhal

Koyote the Blind:

"It seems from the title that this book is a tongue-in-cheek commentary on life in this place called Earth. True, there is humor to be found here and there in the Handbook for the Recently Incarnated, by Golden Eagle, but what I found as I read through the pages is a unique point of view of a something with sentience popping up suddenly in this planet, as if appearing within the lifetime of a human being, in medias res, the way one appears in a video game in the middle of things. 


Golden Eagle’s book is a delightful encounter with point of view that seems to be taking a gander for the first time to this world many see already as if known, as if already settled in patterns of familiar reality. The solidity of the world seems to get flimsy at times, almost at the verge of dissolving. It feels at times as if one is very close to pop a membrane and see beyond, almost. Something beyond the descriptions given by the entity that appeared to narrate the book seems necessary, something of a push that can only come from the reader itself, if one can only allow a freshly arrived immigrant sentience to peek through one’s eyes to see the world as a recently incarnated entity. 

In any case… all that is needed is that the reader sees the way in which the recently incarnated entity dictating this book is watching this world…and with that narrative as example, a fresh exploration of this lifetime may perhaps begin."

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Sandra Bates:

Professional educator and a student of the Ageless Wisdom, Rosicrucians Order AMORC, and other mystical traditions for over 50 years. 

"The Handbook for the Recently Incarnated is unique. It is a rare find because it talks about mysterious subjects such as “Why am I here?  What is my life’s purpose?  Why did I come to my particular family?” . The Handbook explains the process of incarnating on earth.  It tells the truth about how things really are.

With these insights and rare truths, in three generations, our enlightened youth will utilize their innate connection to higher frequencies. They then will have the tools and technology to solve all our present world-problems. They will build new, enlightened institutions to replace the old. They will use their divine potential to transform the old world as we know It, into the amazing world that we now only dream about.

The Handbook for the Recently Incarnated leads the reader to the keys that unlock the secret wisdom of the ages.  This is a “Must Read” book."

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