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The Mind of the Warrior

“Out of every 100 men, 10 shouldn’t even be there.  Eighty are just targets.  Nine are real fighters and we are lucky to have them, for they make the battle.  Ah, but the one.  One is a Warrior, and he will bring the others back.”

Heraclitus, Greek philosopher, circa: 500 BC

Throughout time, a small percentage of men and women have been willing to take a stand.  To stand against tyranny; to stand on the side of Right and Justice.  To stand when the odds were poor, but the Stand needed to be made nevertheless.  These brave men and women are known as Warriors.  They stand when most won’t.  They defend those who are not able to defend themselves.

Warriors are different than other men and women.  Not so much in their physical prowess or skill with weapons, though this is usually the case.  The key difference of the Warrior, is in their Mind.  Warriors analyze the world differently.  They stalk a situation the way a hungry predator stalks its prey.  When they time is right, they act; they Seize the Day.  Whatever fear they may feel, they act to do what is right when the window of opportunity presents itself.   They learn to live with fear and take appropriate action anyway. 

Those who follow the Toltec path are called Warriors.  They learn to balance their three core natures – the Dreamer, the Stalker and the Warrior.  They are not just warriors of physical battle – though that occasionally may be necessary.  They are Warriors of the Mind and Warriors of the Heart.  They are Warriors on all planes of existence. 

Whether you are formally studying the Toltec path or not, this philosophy can help all aspects of your life; your spiritual life, and your physical life. Join us in this exploration.

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