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Divide and Conquer

Split your enemy into small groups. Concentrate all your forces on one segment at a time. One by one, eliminate them. If you can turn different factions against each other, and let your enemies fight each other for you, so much the better.

Julius Caesar knew it. He used it to great advantage. Phillip of Macedon knew it. He was the father of Alexander the Great. Both of them used it to great success. Since their time, military leaders the world over have used it.

Political leaders use it. The Nazis used it. The US has used it around the world. They still use it to this very day.

The greatest defense against being a victim of divide and conquer?

Know your enemy. Know their strategies. Know they are attempting to divide you. Because they are. They attempt to divide along lines of race. They attempt to divide along lines of religion. They attempt to divide along lines of economics. Black, white, brown, red. Rich, poor. Catholic, Protestant. Christian, Buddhist.

If you listen to the rhetoric, you are surrounded by enemies on multiple issues.

The greatest defense? Unite. Those in power seeking to crush Freedom use the divide and conquer strategy daily. Hour by hour, minute by minute. With every article in a main stream media outlet. With every Tweet from the White House. With every Facebook post by the government cubicle Troll Patrol.

“They” fear us seeing past the illusion. Truth matters. Facts matter.

Time to Unite.

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