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The great physicist Albert Einstein once said: “The significant problems we face cannot be solved with the same kind of thinking that created them”


Our modern world is an enigma.  We have developed advanced technology such as computers, aircraft, and instant cell phone communication almost anywhere in the world.  These inventions make life seem miraculous.  Yet, a significant portion of humanity is without food, clean water, health care or someplace warm and dry to live.  We are in a constant state of war throughout the world.  Political systems are in disarray everywhere.  We are beset by fake news and almost daily scandals. 


The sheer volume and magnitude of problems facing humanity seems almost insurmountable.  To correct this many problems, we clearly need a new kind of thinking.


Another great scientist, Nikola Tesla, observed “If you wish to understand the universe, think in terms of energy,

frequency and vibration”


Our mind and consciousness operate on frequency and vibrations.  The “new kind of thinking” referred to by Einstein above ultimately involves our mind and consciousness being able to operate at higher frequencies and to be able to better integrate the functions of our higher bodies of light. 


The best way to accomplish this, in turn, is to upgrade your consciousness.  The limits and capabilities of mind and consciousness you were born with are not what you are stuck with for life.  In the same way a computer can be upgraded to better, faster, higher-performing components, we can, using the traditional techniques of the Toltecs, upgrade our consciousness and the performance of our mind. 

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It is at the level of the Higher Mind that we will be able to solve the current problems of humanity.  It is at the level of the individual Higher Mind that we can truly begin to work collaboratively through the Collective Consciousness of Humanity. 

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